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School 12 Respect Essay and Poster Contest

School 12 Respect Essay and Poster Contest


Students at Elmora School 12 participated in an Up-Stander Poster/Essay Contest in celebration of the Week of Respect.  Students in grades Pre-k-2, were read the book, "How Full is your Bucket?" and participated in illustrating what kindness and being an up-stander as opposed to a bystander looks like.  Students in grades 3-8 participated in reading daily quotes about kindness and respect through the intercom every morning and wrote essays on what respect is and why it is important.  A winner was chosen from each homeroom.  Winners received a certificate, were treated to pizza and were nominated to be on the Student Anti- Bullying Committee.  School 12's philosophy is based on the book “How Full is your bucket?"  Every staff member has a bucket hooked up to their door, where students and co-workers often leave nice notes in them to brighten up their days.   Many buckets decorate classrooms providing students the opportunities to fill their peers' buckets with kind words and sometimes even sweet treats. 

Respect and kindness are Elmora, School 12's number 1 priority!